Thursday, September 25, 2014

0 Dasiy Scouts here we Come. {Life}

Tonight is my first night meeting my new daisy scouts. I'm so over loaded with nerves and happiness, and feelings I have never felt before. Currently we have 7 girls in the 1st grade. I think our troop will grow a little since I sent home a really cute flyer with the first grade girls telling them about the new troop and meeting and all the fun we are going to have. The more the merrier I suppose.

Well getting the flyer designed and out there was the easy part (if you could call it that) now I have a million things on my mind. What do I do with all the girls? How do I keep them interested? How do I keep them quiet and happy? I want to teach them what the daisy book wants me to teach but at the same time I want to engage them and show them that scouts is such a great opportunity and unfortunately not everyone gets.

I have been spending so many hours trying to get my year calendar made up and my meetings planned out that I think Mr. Perfect thinks I forgot who he is. There is just so much weed through out there and most of it in my opinion is just weeds. I know daisy's are young and a little limited but I want to do things that they will love and things not all the other troops are going and the millions before then did. Know I know what your saying why mess with a sure thing, but a sure thing has never really worked with me. I like unique and bold. If everyone goes left I want to go right. If they make a bird house I want to make a bird loft.
After hours of research I can proudly say I have my parent meeting and first 3 lessons ready to go. Boy I'm so behind. I hope once I get the actual book this week it will help speed up the process and hopefully I like some of the ideas so I can share them with the girls. What concerns me is daisy's have 2 years to earn all the patches we only have one cause come may they are bridging to brownies.

Can I get it all done, can I keep them motivated, can I get the parents involved. These are all the questions taking over my thoughts and nightmares. I sure hope they like me cause there's no turning back now I am a Leader strong and proud.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

0 Old Navy Wishlist {Fashion}

You cant help but want to get out in all those cute fall clothes and enjoy this weather. However with all the health drama I have been battling lately my outfits mostly consist of Victoria secret pants and t-shirts so unfortunately nothing to post there. I thought what beet way than to spend my time in bed window shopping and sharing some of my favorite pieces I have my eyes on. So here is what my wish list looks like from Old navy right now.

Women's Printed Pullover Shirt DressesWomen's DC Comics™ Batman Sleeveless Tees
Women's Distressed Straight-Fit Jeans Women's Plaid Chiffon Shirts

My wish list for the little Abby diva would be these cute as heck shoes, a perfect cocoon sweater and the most adorable fox shirt ever.
Girls Printed-Canvas High-Tops Girls Slouchy Open-Front Cardigans Girls Animal-Graphic Tees
I almost always find things from old navy that I cant live without but being the responsible mom I usually only get for my daughter. This time those if I got here all three things it would only be right around $60 so that leaves me enough to grab myself something. Huuu rraahhh!

What is one of your weekness stores? I have so many how do you manage to look but not touch I always feel like a kid in a candy shop.