Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Made my first pillowcase dress set.

I finally got around to making a matching set. It is a pillowcase dress and pair of hair bows. I am so happy with how it came out the colors match perfectly.

The story behind this is i made the bows to sell but when i tossed them down on my table they landed on some fabric that i was going to make a kimono style shirt with well to sum up the story they went so great together i made it into a dress in a size 2t so hopefully my little princess will have some hair by then and be able to wear pigtails.LOL

Here are some other things i have been working on.

I still have to finish this one. It is getting a ribbon under the bodice and it needs to be himed and the straps need to get sewn on. But its pinned and ready to go. AND...............................
I made these cute little lounge pants for abby.