Wednesday, July 30, 2008

addicting sites.

Ok well i took others advice and started using flickr. well needless to say its addicting. I have found so many cool groups and photos i just love it. Since i love kawaii stationary, stickers, plushie, and bento it was bound to happen. I found swap-bot. That is the coolest site ever if you like to swap and get neat stuff in the mail. Its hard to start out as a newbie you have to take part in some general type swaps so you can get a good rating and join the theme type swaps. But it still very cool.

Well etsy is addicting to. Im a buyer and seller and i always see things i would love to have. I found some really cool lolita things that i put on my christmas list so well see how much my hubby i mean "santa" loves me. At the top of my list is a hooded hello kitty coat for a mear $100 ;o)

Well there are tons more addicting sites out there i would love to hear about some.