Saturday, August 9, 2008

sewing like a mad woman.

Ok when the baby finally decides to nap and the dogs are being good and hubby is at work thats when its time... So sew like mad. I have craft shows coming up that im not ready for and i have been making dresses and lotion and stuff. I did however find some time today to post a few new things in my etsy show.


Clippie pick 2

Turtle dress
Bat/Halloween Dress

I also was excited to receive some new kawaii stationary in the mail. It is such an addiction for me. I love cute stuff. (its my kriptonite)

And one last thing....
I the middle somewhere of ordering new fabric, kawaii stuff, and origami paper i managed to find time to spend more money on a really awesome bento box for my son. I will post a pic as soon as i get it. Think black, skull, misfit.Thats it for now, see ya.