Tuesday, September 23, 2008

just an update

My last craft show was really bad but i expected it to be so im not really that disappointed. I have another show this Saturday and i have done it in the past with good results so hopefully it will be good again this year.
Normally i would have a ton more booked for the fall season but my son has me so busy this year i think im gonna have to sit them out.

This is the first year my son has attended a private school and he just has so much going on. Its good though, it keeps him busy and away from video games, tv, and junk food. At least he is out making new friends and finding new interests. Last weekend his school had their homecoming carnival and all the parents had to volunteer and it was actually fun. Im the new mom there so of course i was over looked and sort of treated as an outsider but i still enjoyed myself. I worked the spin art booth and the kids had a blast so that's all the counts. So far i am loving the private school, I am not however to fond of the little clicks that form among the moms. I think that part really sucks. I'm nice to everyone and it really pisses me off that other people women especially can be so close-minded and ignorant to one another. Any way i will save that for another post as I'm sure it will only get worse and fester then i will have to vent.

Well that's it for me right now other than tomorrow is my first craft night out for my cafemom group. We are going to be scrap booking and it should be lots of fun.