Monday, June 8, 2009

bad weekend for a show

well i did the open door craft show in arnold over the weekend and it was pretty dead other than the wind which was very alive and kickin. in fact it felt the need to snap one of the legs on my tent so i had to pack up early. It was a fairly large event but just not many buyers which is normally the case with spring/summer shows. I usually only do shows in the fall but this was for a good cause. I only made 1/2 of what i thought i would have so im a little bummed about that, my van needs a new head gasket so i need the money.

any way then sunday here in the lou we had really bad storms when it was not even supposed to rain but thats misery for you. haha

im back home safe and sound and im packing up my craft show stuff till fall or if i have any home parties.

on a sad note my son is away for the summer. first time hes going to be away more than a week and im already sad. it is so quiet around here except for the fact my 19month old thinks she has to make up for him not being here.

on a positive note my house is clean. lol