Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabric Addictions

I will be the first to admit im a fabric-a-holic. I love to go to the fabric store and fondle all the goods. lol

Well now to add to my addition i am in so online fabric co-ops and i have tons of designer stuff coming in. Bad news for my hubbys wallet but great news for my customers. I have been working my butt off on lounge sets for the fall as well as some more pillowcase dresses and a-line dresses. I will be adding more listings very soon and larger sizes as well.

I have been getting my christmas prints in to so im hoping to get starte on that soon to.

I might be going back to work out side the home but i will still remain very much active on etsy and i will still be stocking area boutiques and stores world wide so dont worry.

I still have work to do to my website but i havent had the time as im learning html as i go and its boring to me but i will have it up and running very soon. I just have to get the shipping added and some more items listed but you can still find all my latest at

Well thats it for this update.