Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ummm Thats Not Good...

Ok so the dogs would not shut up and the kids couldnt get a long and hubby had physical thearpy i just wanted to scream but well i had a sore throat so i decided against it. I was really thinking about getting shock collars for the dogs and kennels for the kids. lol I wounder if they have one big enough for my hubby. Just kidding - sorta. :O)

Well after he came home i sent him and the kids out to swim so i could finish some things i was working on. Here is the results:

First up is some halloween bows that my hubby said looked to busy but i think they are perfect, what do men know anyway

Next we have some simple more plain ones that he approved of

Then just for the heck of it i made some mini pincushions. This is my favorite i love how the pics came out. I have a swap on swapbot for these things but they are so addicting i made a ton. lol

Anyway tonight after the kids go to bed i want to finish up some halloween clothes i have in the works. Sounds like fun to me. (hubbys idea of fun is going chunky dunkin)