Friday, February 5, 2010

My customers are the best..

I have some amazing customers and they all have great things to say about all of my products which of course makes me feel great. Here is some of what a recent customer had to say..

I really love your sugar polish and if I could find something comparable, but less expensive I would. (no offense with that) I have been trying samples of other peoples and cannot find anything else cheaper or even the quality as yours- for real!! I guess most people use real regular/organic granulated sugar for their scrubs and they use oils like olive oil or whatever.... yuck, it's NOTHING like how yours feels when it's packaged or while using in the shower and how it feels after the shower. Even my husband wanted to compare, tried the other one and thought that the other one was gross too. He said to just get what I know is good and yours is the best quality- by far!

Sometimes its nice to hear things like this and it really makes my day to know that something i made is really making a difference for someone else.