Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Batteries never seem to last

Ok well i can never keep batteries in my camera between the kids and rob stealing them for the xbox and all the pictures i take they just don't last so i really haven't been a slacker im just not able to photograph anything. So i guess i will just have to tell you about all the great stuff that's been going on lately.

I made some really cute basic skirts for my daughter. I love doing the really twirly layered boutique skirts but its also nice to do the basic ones cause i can get a bunch made in half the time and with her summer wardrobe suffering she needed them.
The newest one is made from Robert Kaufman "Animal Party"fabrics.

She loves twirl skirts and dresses.
I also made a super cute dress for a friend of mines daughter and i love how it came out the colors are great for summer.

As for dinners and things well we did nachos again because my son loves anything mexican and we have also been doing bbq and anything we can on the grill. Its just way to hot here is st.louis but you know give it a minute it will change. Our weather is so un-predictable i don't know if i should jump in the poll or get the rain boots out.

Well that's all i have right now i have to get back to work. Being a mom is one job that never ends.