Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Its that time a year again where the kids are supposed to be good and make you love being a mom. Unfortunately that's not always the case in my household, we have the duct tape on stand by 24/7.

Today started off with little foot steps creaking around my room as mommy tried to sleep in. When i awoke to my surprise was fresh cut flowers, handmade cards and cute handmade picture frames.
Once i get my behind up out of bed and splash some water on my saggy dark circles i waddle my way into the kitchen looking like something from a horror story. But there it is to my surprise my boyfriend making breakfast. I scarfed down my grub before i could get to many pictures but here is a sample.

On the Menu: Biscuits & gravy (my fav) and pancakes (his fav)