Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini Sliders & Homemade Fries

On the Menu: mini cheeseburger sliders & home made fries

Rob loves cheeseburgers more than any person should so on the occasion i want to be nice we have burgers. My idea of a burger is a steak n shake paper thin piece of meat but he loves a super monster thick burger. eww thats just to much beef for me. So anyway on topic i decided to make mini burgers since the kids will eat anything small and cute. I mix up my extra lean ground beef (2 pounds) with 4tbl ketchup, 2tbl mustard and finely diced onion. spread it out in a foil lined cookie sheet bake for about 30-35 min or till done. (i like it well done)
The last few minutes or so i top with more diced onions and slices of american cheese. when its done cut in squares and make your mini slider with what ever toppings you like. Im fond of pickles. You can use hot dog buns cut in thirds or small rolls or buns its all up to you.

On the side we have homemade fries. Nothing to special about them other than you can mix them up a bit with seasoning for whatever your mood. I wanted to make some cheesy ranch potato salad but as im short on time that will wait for another day.

For dessert tonight we have strawberry shortcake. You wont find no overly sweet or cardboard tasting generic shortcake here mine is of course made fresh :)

All in all its a great quick dinner and really affordable. For the cost of 2 cheese burgers out i have a whole pan and fries and dessert. With this economy its always nice to stretch the budget. And with the money we saved i can buy more shoes. lol....