Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trusty spaghetti, zuchinni & spicey garlic bread knots

When short on time spaghetti is our go to meal. It fast easy and can be made a million different ways.

On The Menu: spaghetti, fried zuchinni & spicey garlic bread knots

This post is more for just showing pics and keeping me in the swing of things i mean we all know how to cook pasta and throw in some sauce so nothing to special. fried zuchinni is a must around our house with pasta. I do a mix of italian bread crumb, garlic salt, and parmisain romano cheese. The bread knots are canned refferigerated bread sticks cut in half and tied in knots. bake as normal then toss them in a bag with garlic, parmisan cheese, red pepper flake, parsley and a little olive oil. Delish...