Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A month of yummy goodness wraped in a nut shell..

I finally uploaded the long over due pics from my camera so now i get to make myself and you all hungry looking through some great dinners we had in my house last month.

First up we have my chicken n dumplings. I only like white meat chicken so i use breast or tenders and season it up so good it will make you forget all about yo mamma's. lol (no seriously)

Up next we have some loaded potato soup. It was pretty darn tasty but i am still in search of a o'charleys replica. This was served along side of grilled ham and cheese.

Well some where along the way our weather went from decent to omg im gonna die. So we did greek chicken kabobs and greek pasta salad. i didn't snap a shot of the kabobs as i was to busy stuffing my face but here is the salad.
Since i love me some yummy greek food we also had some garlic chicken with orzo. It was perfect for a summer day and had a little kick to it. yum.
Moving on we had a southern classic of ham and beans and cornbread. I let it cook all day in a crock pot - Need i say more.
I love bacon ranch pasta salad and this new recipe is the bomb. It was far better than any i have ever had. We will definitely be having it again. We had this with some warm sandwiches my mother use to make. Sliced cheese, ham, turkey, chicken, beef, cream cheese on a kaiser roll and microwave them for a few seconds. mmm mm good.
I made a wonderful simple yet creamy pesto chicken florentine that my bff keeps bugging me for the recipe so i guess i should get that to him.lol And for dessert we had a old time favorite with my signature twist on it as all my dishes have. Yummy creamy banana pudding.
And to conclude this savory trip down memory lane we had red beans and rice and stuffed strawberries for dessert.I hope you enjoy all the pics and my ramblings just remember to wipe the drool from your face before company comes over as they may think you rode the short bus. Have a great dinner :)