Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teryaki Chicken and more...

On the menu: Teryaki Chichen, Sumi Salad, and Baked Egg Rolls.

My boyfriend pointed out to me that i always seem to make yummy more elaborate dinners when he has to go back to work and now that i think about it he might be right. lol

My chicken teryaki is addicting that i could have it almost every night. I did say almost cuz i couldn't live without some of my other favorites :)

Anyway so tonight i throw together a mixture for the egg rolls its basically chicken, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, carrot, garlic, sesame seed, ginger, and a dash of hawaiian shoyu. the only thing im doing different is i am baking them to try and cut some of the fat from frying. We shall see how they turn out soon as they are in the oven now and smelling great.

While my chicken marinates i tossed together a quick sumi salad (broccoli slaw, toasted almonds slivers, sesame seeds, fried wonton crisps, green onions and some asian vinaigrette dressing)

All together it should be a filling but light meal for a warm summer night.

For dessert a big slice of banana split ice cream cake is calling my name.