Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo shoot 10-7-10

My little abby was invited to be in a gorgeous photo shoot with It was a interesting day to say the least and out of all 5 sassy divas the little baby was the best one. lol
I'm sure our photographer was thinking to herself "omg what did i get myself into" but she did what she could. I also snapped some cute pics while i was there.
I think all the girls did great even though i wish i could have gotten abz to cooperate better a 3 hour shoot is a bit much for a 3 year old.
Here are some pics of my cutie pie sporting tutus from please be sure to check out all the adorable tutu skirts and dresses she has. She has wonderful prices, fast shipping and is a true pleasure to work with. That's my personal opinion, i am in no way paid or affiliated to her company in anyway, i just know high quality crafts/crafters when i see them.
Santa Faceoff. lol......
Love this shot with a glamour effect...
How cute is this....
Ribbon necklace & Hair bows

Black & White Background