Saturday, February 12, 2011

Men just dont get it & a happy valentines day

I think no matter how sweet men can be they are still primarily douche bags. Now in no way am i sexist so don't go there. i love me some men but in all reality they are inferior in so many way. When we are young and at the dating age they are still into their comic books and toys and video games, we get to high school and still no change, collage turns to video games, beer and tight clothes on the hooters girls, then there is a fine line somewhere around the 30's that they seem almost human but then once they hit middle age they revert back to kids. The age old question of what do women want or what do women think is very simple. we all want a man that doesn't exist but we don't give up because we have a need to bitch and fail time and time again because each time we learn a little more about our selves and life and how fairy tales are not all they are cracked up to be. So even though this post maybe a bit one sided it still doesn't change the facts. 
This valentines day hold that special person you love close and never let them go, because chances are if your reading my blog your a mom and that special person that you love more than anything and loves you more than any toy or game is your child.