Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deals that you would not believe.

I use to coupon a few years back and did pretty good with it but stopped when things got comfortable around here. Big mistake. I look back now on the deals i missed out on and all the extra money my family could have been saving. Now that the economy is so poor and unforeseen things have come up i have gone back to being a little coupon diva. Its very easy to do and with the success i have had this past week i will never stop again.
I am no extreme couponer by any means but i do love a good deal. I do get some things for free but i have no clue how people get toilet paper and stuff like that for free. Even with a good coupon and a sale its still never free so whats up with that people. lol

Anyway i want to do a little show and tell on what couponing and clearance shopping can do for you. In one week i saved over $500. It was on clothing, food, home goods, ect. My first trip was to shop n save where i saved 33% on my groceries. Then i had a trip to target where i saved 50% on my total and got several items free. Next i headed over to walmart where i was able to get the toy story 3 operation game for only $2.00. I had another grocery store trip that week that i saved 45% at and then my most proud moment was when i went clothes shopping. My day started at old navy for the deal of the day. (cropped cardis for $8) I also found lots of other great deals.
2 cropped cardis
2 flip flops
girls hoodie
2 girls pants
3 xxl mens shirts
xxl mens zipup hoodie
2 boys jeans
2 boys cargo shorts
5 boys shirts
boys track pants
boys jammies
girls dress shoes
body spray
shower gel
toilet paper
mouth wash
Grand total (old navy, target) = $130 (savings of $558)

I have only been back in action for 1.5 weeks and its all coming back to me. But if your new and would like to start there are many great resources on the net but my advice is shop clearance racks. Target always has great clearance on their end caps and you can use coupons on those things and get them for next to nothing. Make yourself a organized binder and get a couple Sundays paper inserts. There are also a lot of online coupons you can print. Many stores will offer days for double coupons and you can combine manufacture & store coupons to get great savings. My biggest tip is to hang on to your coupons you don't have to use them right away unless its a great deal you don't want to miss. Also be courteous, don't clear a shelf, don't get greedy, and don't buy something just cause you can. Yes im talking about the girl that bought 77 mustard's knowing her family don't use it and will never need that much in a life time. There is a fine line between healthy and hording. So be sure to check yourself from time to time. Other than that have fun, save money, and live comfortably.

Until next time. Much love ~Robyn