Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Dayz..

We have had so much rain this past week its just crazy so i wanted to do a rainy day look. On rain days i normally just sport jeans and a tee since i dont go out unless its a must. This look is packed with brite golden shimmer since its so gloomy outside and then of course i had to bring in a bit of drab blue. This look was done from all drug store brands which is odd for me but there are some really good ones out there now so its ok.

I used the elf pro mini limited edition set:
row 1 #3 applied wet on lid
row1 #1 as highlight
row 3 #8 in the crease
black liner on lid and waterline
that blue under eye 1/2 way and the one i used on my lid for the inner corner 1/2
then apply mascara. tada

Not much else to report today other than a few make up deals i scored. Walgreens has sinful nail polish on sale for .99 cents limit 3 and wet n wild on sale for .69 cents. They also have some revlon, loreal, and cover girl buy 1 get 1 50%off so now is a good time to stock up on foundation or the perfect time to try some new one. I normally get makeup forever foundation but when i dont have the 40 bucks to spend i get revlons photo ready foundation. I really like it and im on my 2nd bottle from them so that says alot. Since the sale is going on right now i am going to try the color stay since the only bad thing about the photo ready is it has tiny shimmers in it and if you have oily skin like me its not so good if you are gonna have it on for a long time. So i heard great things about color stay and they have a oily/combo skin formula. It claims it will look fresh for 16 hours. We shall see :)