Saturday, July 16, 2011

1000 + fan Game Time:

Well my goal for this giveaway was to reach 1000 fans by the weekend and you all got me to over 1060 so i wanna say a HUGE thank you. I have some of the most amazing fans that support me and help me and your terrific. So here is my way of saying thanks.

First off there are some Rules:
1. You must "like" my fanpage.
2. You must follow this blog.
3. You may only enter each game ONCE.


Game 1
Take a look at the picture below and guess what eyeshadows im using from my line. You must send your entry to my email at The person who guesses the most correct shades will win. If there are more than 1 entry correct i will use to select the winner. Winner gets a sample set of my sunset collection. HINT: i used 5

Click to enlarge

Game 2
Find a picture for each of the following makeup eye terminology and send me a list of the links to my email Winner will be selected with (only complete lists qualify) Winner gets a sampler of my sunset collection & 3 additional random pigment samples.
Cat eye, smokey eye, extreme wing, cut crease, outer v, mask, fx, falsies, glitter, waterline

Game 3
Solve this riddel - I am a "fake" I house a horned fruit made of water and have many visitors of bright pink. Email your answer to me at Winner will recive a full size of the answer :)