Friday, July 29, 2011

ELF Beauty Books...

Elf (eyes.lips.face) has been around a long time and has improved over the years to become a make staple for every beauty guru. The prices are pretty much dirt cheap but the quality isn't to bad. Granite they have some shades that are less than desirable in quality but over all you will get a good bang for your buck.

I went to walgreens today to scope out what was new as i do every week or so cuz yes i am a makeup junkie. And although they didn't have the display i was looking for i did see the e.l.f beauty books for the first time here. My location only had one of the eye manuals in the "everyday" collection so for a cheap $5 I picked it up.

I really must say if you haven't given them much thought you should. Whether your a newbie just starting out in this colorful world or a seasoned pro looking to add to your collection you should have these beauty books. The tips on the inside of the book are actually pretty good for those needing a quick lesson on where to put what. I also like that they have blank eyes inside so you can create your own eye looks and keep them safe in one place.

Over all im happy with my purchase and if i do come by the other sets they will find a new home amongst my other goodies from companys i love.