Sunday, August 28, 2011

1500 Contest : Smurf Edition

Wow i made it to 1500 and to celebrate i thought it was time for another makeup themed contest. In honor of my newest collection I have decided to go with a SMURF inspired theme.

The rules are very simple:
-You will create a NEW makeup look on YOURSELF that is inspired by the SMURFS. I will have pictures in my contest album on my fan page for inspiration. HERE
- You can NOT use any kind of prosthetic it MUST all be done in makeup, glitter, gems, ect.
- You MUST have ABBY SMURF hand written somewhere on you. No edited pictures will be accepted!!
- You need to be 18 or over or have parents permission.
- International friends welcome.
- Do NOT post your pictures on facebook send a 3 Picture collage to my email
(only 3 pictures)
-You Must like my facebook & all the sponsors pages. The rafflecpoter below makes it super easy.
-You MUST follow my blog. (again in the rafflecopter below)
- You MUST Thank all the sponsors and tag me in the post to verify.
- You MUST follow all the steps in the raffelcopter below

The raffelcopter box below has all the pages you need to like and all the additional things you need to do when you are done with each one click the "i did this" and follow any directions it may have. By doing this you will gain entries into the drawing. You MUST complete all 8. They will say DONE! when you have completed them

**This will be a judged contest. One winner takes all however there will also be a random winner from the rafflecopter that will receive a sample set of the smurf collection**

Prize List:
-Full Size Smurf Collection donted by me (abigails boutique)
-Foundation in your choice donated by samantha (beautycontrol)
-Eyeshadow in twilight donated by samantha (beautycontrol)
-Mark.Earth Perfume donated by Sadie (mark)
-Feather hair exstension & ring donated by Lila (skittlezz)
-Something ??? donated by mysweet escape
-Custom Hair Accessory donated by Bela's tutus & more

Start Date: 8/29/11
End Date: 9/12/11

I know i must have said or pointed out the rafflecopter widget a million and one times but some people have never heard of it and im trying to get you all use to it as it makes things so super easy and its how i will be doing all my contest/giveaways.