Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Part Of Waking Up is Folgers on your Face.

Thats right you heard what i said. Coffee on your face. Well not a brewed cup or anything but thw actual coffee grounds mixed with cocoa and some cream and oh boy.

We have all heard all the amazing things coffee is suppose to do for our health but what about our skin. Well pretty much the same thing it can take your tired dull skin and bring it to life.

Here is a simple mask i use 3 times a week usually in the cooler months when skin goes dull. It Is great for oily skin as well.

Cocoa, Coffee, Cream:
2 tbls cocoa powder
2 tbls ground coffee (i like a little scubbing action but you can grind it finer to suit your needs)
4 tbls cream or milk (i use cream in winter/ milk in summer)

Mix all the above in a sealable tupperware container as it makes enough for 3 masks.
Using a brush ( like a foundation brush or fan brush) apply a even coat to your face and neck.
Allow to dry 15 min.
Then wash off with warm water.