Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Nails Tutorial

Well there really isn't much birthday about this nail art look other than its posting today. My Birthday :)
So i decided i wanted something cute and girly but not to over the top since i wont actually be going out or anything today just work maybe go to dinner.

Any way here we go. I will assume you know how to do a basic french tip so we will start at that point. If you don't i will get that tutorial up another day.

Here are the goodies you will need:
Top Coat, Nail Glue, White Polish, Corrector pen, Tweezers, Heart flecks, & tiny Silver Barrings
So first you use your white polish just on the ends on your nails.
Next apply a top coat and place your hearts where you want them.

Now is the time consuming part. We are going to add those tiny little balls all the way across the nail. This is how you can hide any crooked lines.
Next your going to want to put several thick layers of top coat on them to set everything and make it smooth & shiny. If you find you have things pop off you can use the glue to secure them but i usually don't have any problems.

 Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial i will get more up soon and if you have any comments or questions or suggestions I would love to hear them.