Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bluefly is speaking my language.

When it comes to shoes and accessories many woman have no limit. They want the best of the best for whatever reason. Maybe its a status thing or maybe that is their way of pampering themselves. The way i see it is if your going to buy it anyway you might as well save a buck or two or in this case several hundred.

I came across and was shocked to find such discounts on all the top name brand stuff. Bluefly is among  the top 10 online designer retail shop. And its not just for women they have a great selection of goodies for guys to. I personally love these Gucci Shoes:
If your not a big fan of gucci they have tons of other amazing brands like Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo, & DKNY. They also have a section called eyefly and you can get some great designer frames for a great price. I'm talking prescription frames under $100. My hubby wears glasses and contacts and i can tell you that is steal. Your gonna pay more than that at your mass produced chains.

So basically if you haven't checked out bluefly you should take a few minutes and go see what they have cause im telling you your gonna be surprised. I know i was.