Saturday, September 17, 2011

Clairol Natural Instincts

Here is my take on Clairol Natural Instincts. (see i told you my dye review was coming)
So in the previous post i tell you a little about my hair so i'll fill you in. Its thick, wavy, and dark. People always comment on my hair and have always wished they had it. I even get people always trying to touch it. Seriously its crazyness. Back away from the hair people your in my personal space. lol

Anyway i noticed as i got older my color was missing that radiant luster and i was being cursed with not grey but stalk white strands. So not ready for that i started dying my hair black. Not a huge change for me since its so dark anyway. I decided to give the natural instincts a shot and im so happy i did. I have tried many tons of different brands and colors growing up. What i love about the natural instincts is its demi-permanent meaning it last about 28 days i can usually get a month out of it since my natural color is so dark. (Sometimes i do every 3 weeks) But its not as harsh and drying as your other permanent brands out there. I use #37 which use to be called espresso creme but now i think its just black Price is nice as its Always on Sale and you can get coupons for it so i normally get it for like under $2. Sometimes they even have B1G1 free so i get 2 for under $2. That's a steal.

Anyway its really easy to use you pour A into B, shake and walla. It only takes about 10 minutes and washes out really easy. Mine washes out blue so you can imagine i freaked the first time but all is well. They started this new thing with it now that even comes with a 5min refresher for your mid month treatment to sprucen things up however i never use it. Hmm maybe i should try it one day. The conditioner it comes with is AHHHMAAAZING. Its like silk in a bottle and enough to use the whole month. I love its a actual tude of creme and not those crappy little sample packs.

So overall if you want to be like me and look like me and smell like me ok maybe not all that but if you want to have nice hair like mine this is what i use hope it works out for you.