Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jamberry Nail Review/Tutorial

Jamberry Nail Shields is a new company founded by 3 sisters. They carry tons of styles, colors, designs in tons of collections. They also offer parties like other home businesses where the hostess can receive free credits towards merchandise.

Each Nail shield sheet comes with a variety of sizes to accommodate most nail sizes. I did have a slight problem with this as a my nails were in between sizes so i didn't get a perfect fit and had to do some extra trimming. The application is a really easy process and each set includes instructions to walk you through it but they concept is that of a sticker you just stick it on & smooth it out.

After you get them on you need to make sure you file them really good at the ends or else its going to feel like you have a million hang nails. I filed for what seemed like forever and i still came across a few rough edges. The nail shield have a beautiful color and shine to them and look like a expensive high quality job from the salon.

I have had mine on for a few days and showered washed my hair and all that and they are still going strong. So i could see them lasting awhile. I would definitely check out their site and give them a shot. They are a little on the pricey side at $15.00 a sheet but they do run specials and the material is a good quality vinyl. Or at least that's what they remind me off.

Overall my experience with them was very pleasant, i love the look of them and the smooth easy application. Like i said the only down side i noticed was they don't fit my nails very well but its a easy fix. I got the purple giraffe found here but they have so many beautiful designs its was hard to decide.