Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet The Crew: Lila (Skittlezz)

Like Whoah!!
I havent had to write an essay in a very long time! So I may be a bit RUSTY!! LOL! My name is Lila Skittlezz Vazquez! Skittlezz you may ask?? Yup Skittlezz Ever since I was a kid in elementary I always LOVED bright colors!! From Green Clothes To Green Shoes to Pink sox!! I rocked it all in COLOR!! So from that my nick name SKITTLEZZ was born!!

Makeup has always been something that I have always liked, but till about mabey almost 2yrs ago I started to Really see and intrest in it when I would See Kathy Cervantez and Queen of Blending Work there magic with makeup and Brushes!! I then thought that I would try. I also had a very HUGE passion for NAILS! I love all things wild, vivid and poppin! Nails was one thing that kept me going!! I wanted to learn it all! Stilletto, to duck feet to everything junk nails and 3d! So I then Decided to go to skool and try and learn it all. I then Started cosmotology skool to learn makeup and nails! But guess what???? I didnt learn a lick of makeup or nails! Im pretty much self taught in that aspect... I graduated from skool on August 15th 2011 same day as my 29th Bday! So now I am here waiting to take my STATE BOARD to be a lisenced cosmotologist! I cant Wait! But in the meantime...

I am a Makeup, Jewelry Promoter!! I Promote for various companies But absolutly ADORE my girl Robyn from ABIGAILS BTQ! She is super fun and friendly! She is very sweet, caring, gorgeous, fun and has an awesome personallity! It was Kind of a shock to me when she approached me in regards to being a promoter for her.. But I love doing it! Not only because i love FREE makeup but because it helps me gain expirience with sales, makeup and application! And I love all the people I meet! I love being a part of her TEAM!

I have 4 gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful, crazy, wacky, caring, loveing children of the corn!! They are my life! Without them no telling where I would be!! Everything I do is for them. My chitlins are my everything!

Well thats it for this cause I have no idea what so ever to write about but I will say I am me and love who I am!!

SkittlezzStylezz Mwaz!