Monday, September 5, 2011

XO XO XKitty? Nail Art Tutorial

This is not my original idea but this is my way of doing it :)

1.Start with a base coat.
2. Apply your main color to each nail exept the middle.
3. Paint the middle a different color.
(You should have something that looks like the above picture.)
4. Now apply a double x on each nail exept the middle thats for the kitty or whatever animal it winds up looking like.
(Now they should look like the above.)
5. Apply double x's wit a different color polish
(Do they look like this^)
6. Draw on some eyes a nose and a bow.
And you have what should look like hello kitty. My brush was messed up so mine is a little funky i need to order some new brushes.
7. Apply a top coat and allow to dry.
And now you have some super cute nails. Doing detail work like this does take time and practice but you will get it. And your gonna want good detail brushes not the ones that come with the nail polish. Now try to do your other hand. LOL