Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauticontrol Primers - REVIEW

I was offered a chance to review a couple primers from an amazing and devoted beauticontrol consultant : Samantha W. She sent me the "Secret AGEnt" face primer in natural & the "Shadow Control Creme" eyeshadow primer in natural. You can find both of these items on here website at:

First up we have the Shadow Control Creme:
.5 oz. /   14 g
The website states that it blends smooth and helps prevent fading, creasing, and streaks. Its $12.00 for a .5oz tube. Then i got this I was curious to see how it would hold up to my normal urban decay potion primer. (which is my all time favorite) The shadow control did do what it said about helping with creasing and streaks however it didn't blend very well for me. I do have oily skin and this sorta felt like glue rubbing on my eyelid. I also noticed that even the natural color had a to much tint to it that it morphed the color of my eyeshadows.
Over all i think this would work better for someone with dry skin and used primarily with natural colors such as browns, gold, and bronze.

Next i want to talk about Secret AGEnt:

I want to start out by saying i really do like this product. It reminds me of smashbox or some of the other higher end primers. I was sent the natural color in this to but this one is clear. It feels slightly oily when applied but drys to a finch powder finish. I honestly didn't notice an filling or evening of my pores but it did give a nice feel and it helps your foundation blend beautifully. For me i would have chosen the mint color to help even out the redness i have from acne and scarring but im still really happy with the product.
This one comes in 3 color correcting tints and the clear natural one. They are $12.00 for a .5oz tube.
I have been using this daily for over a month and it doesn't even look like i used any out of the tube. Also i have extremely sensitive oily skin and it hasn't broken me out. I can not even begin to tell you how rare that is. So over all i would recommend this to everyone. Its a great item.