Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eden is gaining more brownie points.

You all know my love for Edenfantys already but now they are starting to offer some seriously cute clothing. They are stocking tops, bottoms, and dresses that are sexy, cute & fashionable. Best of all they are affordable. They have these new wet look back lace leggings that i must order. How hot are these.
Wet look leggings - Leggings
I'm also impressed with some of the shirts. Like this one for example. The Flirty Ruffle Top.
Flirty ruffles top - Tee
And they would look amazing together. Now i have been reading up on the reviews and comments and such so i would probably size up on these as the tend to run small. If this isn't really your thing they have a lot more to choose from. I also really love some of the dresses. Check out the White Long Gown.
White long gown - Maxi dress
This has got to be the most stunning and beautiful dress i have seen in awhile. The back is just gorgeous. Now the hard part is deciding to get it in black or white.
So as you can see Edenfantasys has a lot more to offer than just sex toys. They have lotions, edibles, clothing, games, and even costumes. They are always having some sort of sale and the best part is you get to pick a free gift with every order. I really recommend the t-shirt. Its the most amazing, soft stretchy shirt i own and i wear it everywhere.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store