Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monster Claws & Ghost Potatoes. Halloween Day 5

So day 5 of my 12 days of Halloween is a yummy dinner that my kids devoured. There is something about making food fun that will get kids to eat every time. Yesterday was a long day and after my baby girl filled up on junk right after we got home from the grocery store i knew she wasn't going to eat but wanted to make this dinner anyway and im glad i did. My son even came home and said he wasn't hungry but booth of them ate the entire plate. So it goes to show what you can get your kids to eat with a little time and creativity.

Monster Claws:
Very very simple. Just cut some thin chicken breast cutlets in to claws by making 4 cuts in the side.
Bread them or coat them in seasoned flower and fry them. Top with ketchup or bbq sauce for "blood"
Ghost Potatoes:
This will work with any kind of mashed potato. I make homemade 99% of the time but you can cheat and use instant if you like. After they are made just use a icing bag (or ziplock) and cut a pretty large corner off you want them to be nice and fat. Then to make eyes you can use olives, sauce, peas, pretty much anything i used some food coloring on the end on a meat thermometer to give me nice even round eyes.
Finish the meal with a nice healthy salad. This one has cucumbers, tomatoes, pimento, artichoke, Parmesan, carrot, lettuce & red cabbage. If salad isn't your thing just pair it with whatever veggies you do like for a nice well balanced meal.
Now just sit back and watch how much fun your kids have with dinner tonight.