Sunday, October 30, 2011

A time for spooks and spoofs. - Day 10

Halloween is all about spooky costumes, candy, haunted houses and more. But what about real haunted house and sites. I know there are some very real haunted locations across the world and i have a few right here in Missouri. One of the closest to me is "zombie road". There has been documentaries and things done on zombie road and there are a million stories to go a long with it. But there use to be a mental institution there where people would send their kids in the great depression because they couldn't care for them. It seemed like a nice place to send them but no one was allowed to see the basement. They conducted experiments on the children and teens that were left there and buried more than 200 bodies in the hills.

Its now said that all those spirits remain and haunt the site. Zombie Road is a 2 mile road leading up to a dead end. From there you have to get out and walk to the asylum or houses. This same location was also home of a KKK organization, and at one time a pagan cult. So it has decades of tortured and suffering souls. You don't have to believe in the stories or be a ghost hunter to feel the very erie things that go on here. I have not personally gone but know close friends that have and they say that 2 mile drive feels like hours. You can see eyes from the tree line, and you can see children's shadows line the road. Many say the experiences are different in men and woman. Woman seem to be treated kinder, you can feel the hand of a child but men are treated aggressively. You feel pulling and tugging and that from inside your care. The whole mood is tense, its beyond silent, its a feeling you would never want to feel again.

During the day theres nothing but after midnight its not a place to be. Even people who have never heard the stories encountered the same things. The paranormal task force has been there as well as ghost hunters and they claim they will never step foot there again.