Friday, October 21, 2011

Under Amour = Amazing

Wow let me just tell you how much i am in love with under amour. I know its crazy to spend a fortune on underwear but these are so worth it. I had heard about them from a friend on mine cause its all she wears and swears by them so i thought ok whats so special. Well besides being totally cute (im on a boy shorts, cheeky shorts kick lately) they are so incredibly comfortable. I'm not a very active runner or anything so they are nice for everyday wear to. I know its a odd post but really you need to check them out. Your butt will thank you :)

I know you can get them in many stores and online so if your really interested in seeing why they are so great you should look for them on your next trip. If your a online shopper like me Canada post has a awesome selection of cute women's underwear.