Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yummy Paints, Dusts, & Powders

Its that time again. Time for me to share some amazing products to put the passion back in your relationship. This time I wanna talk to you about some of the amazing edible products offered at EdenFantasys.

Everyone loves to have a little taste when something looks and smells devine. So imagine the appetites you will have using the kissable glamour powder. This powder it available in pink or gold with a subtle strawberry flavor. I would have to say the best part about this is the insanely cute feather duster.

If a powder is not really your thing you should check in to the rich, creamy dark chocolate flavor of Melt. This body fondue is similar to hot fudge and can be heated and used how ever your imagination desires. And again how cute is that packaging.

Lastly if your still not sold on the chocolate or the dust you can get body paints in a variety of flavors. So make sure you check out the many different types of edible goodies available. Keep an open mind and remember the best part is the clean up :)
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