Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday in the making.

I asked my son what he wanted for dinner on his birthday and he said chocolate mint cookie cupcakes. LOL Typical kid response. So although we didn't have cupcakes for dinner we did have them. And not just mint but 3 different kinds.
First we i started off by baking a basic chocolate cake mix.
Then i made my whipped icing.
I decided i really wanted snickers type of cupcake since i admit im not a big mint chocolate fan.
For the snickers cakes i injected them after baking with a thin caramel. Topped off with icing, nuts & more caramel.
Then i crushed up the new berry oreos & some mint oreos. Mixed in some icing and topped with a 1/2 cookie.
He absolutely loved them and i loved how easy it was to get 3 different flavors from 1 mix.
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