Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Vanity Upgrade...Tutorial

Still on my diy kick here so i decided to start with the bathroom. Its always been black, white, & grey which im fine with in fact i like it or else i would have changed it duh. lol However it was lacking severely. What was it lacking you may ask well pretty much style. I mean obviously it was a shower sink and toilet but all the rest left much to be desired. I started with the sink/vanity what ever you want to call it. Now mine is the type that has 2 drawers and 2 doors. So right away i knew i wanted to give it a face lift since it was all white.

I went to hobby lobby in search of the perfect paper however since i didn't really know what i was looking for i settled for what they had in those colors. To my luck it actually worked out and looks freaking awesome in my eyes. What i did was get 2 sheets each of 3 coordinating papers. (i had the modpodge on hand)

Remove the drawers, doors, and knobs. And cut your paper to size.
Then apply a layer of modpodge, then paper, then more modpodge. I think i did about 5 coats.
For the doors i had to use some elmers wood putty to fill in the etched design. Allow it to dry completely (i rushed it a bit...don't do that!!)
While i was putting on the putty the stupid putty knife attacked me. We had words but its all better now.
After its all dry, you just apply the modpodge and paper the same way you did the drawers. Rehang everything put on the knobs and admire your hard work.
I have a few touch up spots to take care of from when my daughter got into the self tanning lotion. But all in all im super happy with it.
 I couldn't find the last knob so i replaced them with more modern stylish knobs.  o.0
Also because i found the perfect fabric while i was there i had to make a new curtain.....
And a new shower curtain.
I still have the "decor" items to make such as pictures, baskets, and shelves but I'm a happy camper.