Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends 2011

Wanna stay stylish this fall season but be able to get more bang for your buck by wearing it into the spring? Well here are some ways you can do that. This years "Fall" color is Orange. There's many shades of orange out there you just need to find the right one for you. During the fall you can pair this color up with some plaids and prints and then into the spring you can soften it up with some nudes.

While there are many fall fashion trends i don't agree with for my personal style you may like them. Think 70's this year. Loafers, pleated minis, cords, ponchos, red pants and mod styles are all back for the fall. You also have your trusty polka dots, crochet, prints, athletics. Wide leg and flair jeans are replacing the skinny jeans again, and boho, fur, and sheers are high demand.

Fall accessories will include leather, feathers, chokers, and cuffs.

Turning fall to spring this year you will be seeing a lot of hoodies, knit dresses, one shoulder wear, pastels, little white dresses, and bold florals.

My personal opinions of the current 70's styles is not good. This is one decade i could do with out. Now i do like a few things don't get me wrong mainly wide leg jeans, I just don't see me sporting many of the current styles. That being said what are your thoughts on this years trends? Will you be rocking some cords and ponchos or holding out for a better change?