Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cakedy Candy Bar - Review

I know what your thinking. Whats a cakedy candy bar? Well to put it plainly its a cake/candy bar that is totally to die for. They are made in the Minnesota and ship throughout the US. Each bar weighs about that of a traditional candy bar. (approx. 2 oz)

They come in 4 delicious flavors it was so hard picking just one. To my surprise when my package came i go 2 bars. The first one was the peanutter. I yummy mix of peanut butter nougat, peanut butter chips, white cake & frosting and covered in a chocolate shell. I couldn't even get it fully out of the box before it was snatched up and gobbled down. Lucky for me they saved me a bite and it was outstanding. I really didn't think i would enjoy this one as im not a huge peanut butter/ chocolate fan. I know I know im odd. But it wasn't overly sweet it was just perfect.

The next one i got i claimed and wouldn't share. Its the red head. A mixture of strawberry cream cheese nougat, strawberry chips, and a vanilla shell. I put it up and saved it for when i could fully enjoy it in peace and quiet. So as i write this i am indulging in this delicious confection. Up on opening the package it smells like sweet ripe strawberry. Mmmm so good. The strawberry cake inside is so moist and the chips are soft and melt on contact. I could eat a case full.

Wow is all i can say. If you have never tried a cakedy your missing out. Head over to
and get your self 1 or 10. You will love them.