Monday, January 30, 2012

Fried chicken salad...Oh so yummy

So my favorite salad is a fried chicken salad. I could seriously eat it like every night and with the beautiful weather we have been having in the dead of winter it is so perfect. Now there isnt much to a fried chicken salad so there isnt a recipe for this but here is how i throw mine together.

Start off with a bag of salad mix if your in a rush like me most nights and don't want to chop your own.
Then top it with grape tomato, garlic cheddar croutons, shredded cheeses, chopped hard boiled egg, and of course fresh homemade fried chicken. (no bag crap here)
I was in search for an AMAZING honey mustard so i got several from the store to try and find my favorite. So the winner is Kens steak house. OMG just like the popular restaurant versions.

Now that i have your mouth watering go whip up a quick fried chicken salad and check out my other food posts.