Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makeup not just for faces anymore - (ADULT)

Its been a while since my last review for edenfantasys.com. I have been under going some test and things for health issues but all looks good so im back in the saddle. I normally focus my edens reviews on more family friendly products such as bath or clothing but there is just no getting around it this time. I found some products that my makeup fans are gonna love if not simply due to the design.

Eden has really been doing a great job at listening to its customers about finding more fun unique everyday items, especially more discreet adult toys. Well now the have three fun makeup shaped toys. Yes you heard right make up shapes. Aggh So fun.

First up we have the vibrating brush. I don't know how discreet i would say this was as it has a huge screaming o logo but its fun anyway.
Studio collection Vibrating brush - Discreet massager
Next up we have the new vibrating lipstick. Again with all the screaming o logos. We get it. You made it.
Studio collection Vibrating lipstick - Discreet massager
Moving on we also have the new vibrating mascara. This one is interesting to say the least.
Studio collection Vibrating mascara wand - Discreet massager
If that's not enough they also have a warming and cooling compact that looks like eyeshadow, and a discreet compact with a bullet vibe inside. Check out the whole studio collection here.
No matter if this type of thing isn't up your alley you still have to admit if your a makeup junkie like me this is really freaking cool.

EdenFantasys is more than a sex toy shop they have lots of new bath products, games, hair care and more.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store