Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moo to the Rescue

Ok just for the sake of being different im doing this review backwards :)
I recived an offer to try these mini moo cards and i couldnt pass it up. I can never have to many business cards for all my multiple personalities i mean businesses lol.
The cards are so small and cute and you can have upto 100 different images in a box if you choose. I only uploaded 25 designs so i got 4 copies of each. Everyone loved picking out their favorite.
This is how the come boxed, almost like cute little recipe cards with 2 dividers so you can keep some for yourself seperate from ones you want to give away.
All boxed up with a fun sleeve to keep them all neat.
I was kinda suprised that they were just mailed in a standard bubble mailer, usually cards come in boxes but it was sturdy and nothing was damaged ripped or even dirty looking so im good with that.
Over all i am loving these and will continue to use them for my makeup artist cards. I highly reccomend them. They may seem a bit pricey at $20 for 100 cards but they are more than that they are conversation peices. Check them out at