Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Wet n Wild for 2012

So you all know im super addicted to cosmetics. And even though i have my own cosmetic line i still continue to buy, use, and review other brands and items. I know your probably scratching your head on that one but here's why. I think that every man or woman should have the right to do what makes them feel beautiful and if using a little makeup is their way then even if its not mine i want to let you all know there are some good affordable brands out there. You don't have to rush off to M.A.C or spend $25 on a lip stick to be beautiful or hell even to be a makeup artist. You just need to be informed and that's what i like to do. I like to educate the public on whats to spend their buck on. Of course while giving myself some mad props. lol

So anyway now that that is clear lets move on. I was trolling the isle like a mad obsessed crazy makeup woman as usual when i came across the new W&W display. Oh my heart started to flutter as i saw all the beautiful creamy colors for spring. I jumped right in and left with a couple nail polishes, 3 juicy lip balms, and a bronzer.