Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ramblings of a MUA

So i decided to try and add a little segment to my blog about different aspects of my life. (ie: mommy, photographer, mua, & entrepreneur) Today i talk makeup.

Many of you know i have been doing makeup for a long time (mine anyway does that count) well just this past year i decided to offer my services to models in the industry. Well that went from models to friends, to brides and everyone in between so now I'm available to anyone. And it wasn't long ago that i thought this was just a dream. That i didn't feel my work was that good or i didn't know if i should be doing this. Now my work can be seen in many photographers & models portfolios, hanging in studios, entered into art shows and more.

I know with enough hard work and dedication i can take this anywhere i want it to go. And some may shoot for Hollywood ect but I'm 100% happy being right here in the state of Missouri. I am positive that one day i may get national recognition but for now I'm just the local mom with a passion for makeup and a gift for application. I don't have any "formal" training, i didn't go in debt to get where i am. I have just always been a visual person. I want to encourage everyone to not doubt yourself, don't let others tell you that your not good enough, that you cant do something. Also a important lesson i had to learn was that i didn't need anyone to help get where i am today. I did it no one else just me.

I hope if your reading this maybe you can relate. And hopefully this will help remind you that you can reach your goals. Don't get discouraged. We are our own worst critics. We prevent ourselves from achieving greatness. In this particular business its very competitive but you have to only remember one thing. There is only ONE you.

Keep at it and don't let you hold you back.