Saturday, March 31, 2012

WnW flora collection.

The flora collection by wet n wild is a limited edition collection that is worth the hunt. It comes with a eyeshadow trio, blush, gloss, and polish. I was luck and found both the flora and fauna collection at my local walgreens for $4.99 each. This collection stood out to me more with its fun bold greens and complamenting orange colors. But being a makeup whore i had to get both. LOL

The eyeshadow trio is what you are use to from the WnW line. The colors are pretty pigmented with some more so than others. In this set the green is amazing while the orange is a little softer than i had hoped for but if you use a foling serum such as metal fx you can get some great color pay off.
The blush really shocked me. It has the perfect amount of pigmentation with out being to clownish.
Dont let this gloss fool you it appears bright red in color but it is very very sheer and just lends your lips a tiny bit of color. It is not shimmery at all its very glass like and very nice.
This nail polish is beautiful. I had to do a full review just on it. You can
read all about it here. Over all this really is a nice collection to have and i recommend it if you can find it. Also be sure to pick up its counterpart the fauna collection.