Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pirates Band of Misfits - April 27th

Pirates Band of Misfits is set to hit the theathers this friday April 27th. It is a classic Wallace & Grommit style move that debuts Hugh Grant in his first animated part as Pirate Captin.

Pirate Captins crew of ameture pirates set sail to plunder in hopes of helping him win the pirate of the year award. Little did they know they were up against a pirate hating queen and several more qualified applicants. After coming to the dessision he could never get enough "booty" to become pirate of the year his path connects him to Charles Darwin who has been in search for the rarest of rare animals....Polly.

I loved that this movie was 3D. It gave it a little more appeal to what would normally be a bland brittish comedy. I dont think this is gonna top the charts this week so i would wait til it comes to reb box. However if you have small children and are looking for a rainy day weekend activity by all means check it out you will get a few laughs.

*I may have been compensated or rewarded for my review but my opinions are always 100% my own.