Monday, May 28, 2012

Chili Cheese Burgers....

Sometimes we get in a rut on what we make for dinner and even the simplest ideas seem to slip our minds. Its no biggie but i know when the weather gets hot the last thing i want is a hot kitchen. So on the ride home from the kids last day of school i asked that age old question. Whats for dinner? After many minutes of silence and them looking at me like i had a 3rd eye growing out of my head they say chili cheese burgers.

It becomes silent again and then im like why didn't i think of that. Its these simple fast meals that always slip my mind. I'm one of thooooose kind of cooks. You know the ones that have to serve at least 3 items on a plate followed up with some kind of fruit or dessert.Yup i love to cook. Its just in my nature.
So anyway i took the kids up on their idea and it turned out to be so good. I'm really shocked i was able to eat the whole thing or that abby even ate half of one since these babies were like the size of her head.
Look at all that yummy melty goodness. To finish it up we cut into a delicious ripe watermelon and called it a night. What are some of your favorite fast simple meals? Are you a cook or a microwaver lol?