Thursday, May 31, 2012

M.A.C Swag.

I took the plunge a couple months back and signed up for a swag bag company that ships out mac products. Now please note these are not true mac or else they sure as heck wouldn't be as cheap as they are. Now im not one that buy into all the mac hype. They do have a few nice products but for the most part i feel my money is better spent on other brands. However that is for another topic. This post is about the swag bag monthly club concept.

These are the products i got for may. 2 pressed shadows, a lip gloss, a lipstick, tweezers, a sample mineral shadow, and a sample of benefits girl meets pearl. All of this for just $25. The membership can of course be canceled at any time or you can skip months as well. The boxes are all very similar but what colors you get may be different.
Here is everything all un boxed and waiting for me to play with them.
Here are swatches of the shadows i got minus the sample i didn't swatch that one yet. At the top we have the girl meets pearl its just a shimmery highlight that you can use on the face around the eyes ect. The blue is strike a pose, followed by the brown which is sable.
The lip product swatches are harder to see as but the gloss is called vanity fair and the pink lipstick is #12. Over all i would have to say i was much happier with this months shipment than last month. I feel there are more usable products this time around. (at least for me)

If you would like to get a swag bag of your own check out Ms.Mac Makeup.

I am in no way affiliated with mac or ms mac makeup. These opinions are 100% my own.