Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail tutorial Fail. LOL

I never claimed to be perfect nor do i try to hide my flaws. And even though i have been doing this awhile i still of course have those occasional epic fails. lol
This is one of them. I wanted to do a pinstripe nail with apples but something possessed me to add in some large cut glitter and thus the fail begins.
First i started with a white nail pretty simple right?
Then i couldn't find my navy blue so i used a regular royal blue. With me so far?
Then i put a couple apple fimo slices on my nail and thought i would just do every other one. So far so good then BAM i decided to dip the tips in blizzard glitter. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!
And well here is the EPIC FAIL of the century. These should be called the what not to do tutorial. Hope you all learn from my mistake. Plus it took forevvvvvvver to get off. It sucked and i was hating life for awhile lol.