Sunday, May 27, 2012

Que Bella Dead Sea Mask.

I am no newbie when it comes to masks. I love them and use them allll the time. There are so many available but one of my favorite brands is que bella. You can get them from target for about $2 each.

Today i decided to use the dead sea mud mask.

 I normally like to use one right before i shower. I find that the combo of the mask with the steam really helps open the pores and works the best on cleaning them out.
It does take about 10 minutes for them to fully harden so i like to make funny faces in the mirror lol.
Now its time to get in and let the steam do its magic. Ok time for one last funny face :)
I know i look pretty crazy but hey it seems to work for me. My 30 something skin is just not what it use to be which for me is a good and bad thing. Good because my youthful skin was very acne prone and now its finally getting better. I still have occasional break outs but not like i use to. And bad because now i have to deal with other issues such as dry patches oily patches and scarring. Not to mention i just noticed i got a couple fine lines and winkles . Boo